Surprise & Delight allows our clients to insert themselves into relevant online conversations, building brand awareness through tangible interactions with Hispanic consumers of different levels of influence.


Using OYE! social listening technology, our team listens to what consumers are saying in any language about our client’s and topics that are relevant to our client industry. Depending on their level of influence, we will send them a proprietary mix of items within a personalized box, containing samples, coupons or even full-size product. These influencers are champions of sharing and will express their gratefulness as well as efficacy of our client’s
brands/products. (Our team handles fulfillment of all samples, packages, coupons, etc.)


With our Surprise & Delight program, our team has shipped over 1,000 personalized boxes for a global consumer packaged goods company that targets multicultural consumers that have a significant influence on their social media channel of choice. These personalized boxes deliver a tangible experience to the target consumer and generated over 5,000 total User Generated Content (UGC) posts, 600,000 total engagements and over 5,500,000 total impressions in 2017 alone.