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Top 4 Methods for Translating a Website to Spanish

Updated on August 31, 2015.


As of 2015, there are approximately 54 million Hispanics in the US holding nearly $1.5 trillion in purchasing power. As the US Hispanic population and purchasing power grows, it has become increasingly important for companies in many industries to translate their websites into Spanish. At face value this seems like a very simple proposition. However, it quickly becomes apparent that there are several ways to go about translating content. Which is best? This is a difficult question to answer. There are two basic methods of translating a page, using software or by hiring someone and there are instances where either method is superior.

In this article we provide a description of each method of translating a website to Spanish for you to consider when you’re faced with the tough decision of how to communicate with your Spanish seeking audience.  We listed the time it would take as well as an approximate cost for a typical 10 page website.

Option 1 – Machine Translatation

Time: 15 minutes
Cost: Free

Machine translations, such as Google Translate are increasing in popularity as they have continuously improved in accuracy.  Google for example uses statistical machine translation which uses an …

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Nativa’s Advantage as the Digital Multicultural Agency in Phoenix

320467_10150930103302967_344719277_nPhoenix, AZ – For the past few years, when you speak about Phoenix, Arizona and multicultural (Hispanic) groups or markets – some people may have felt uneasy due to recent national media coverage.

For us at Nativa as a digital multicultural agency, we see hope, opportunity and values.

The reality is that Hispanics have been part of this area longer than our nation’s union. The cultural implications, understanding and influence simply can’t be denied.

That’s what inspired our co-founder, Eric Diaz, to make a huge move from Columbus, OH, and open a branch in the West Coast 4 years ago.

Over 6 years ago, Nativa (formally Social Media Spanish) was born digital as a humble web design and social media management company. As the web evolved and social media and culturally relevant content marketing rose in importance, we were able to adapt to those trends and start creating some of our own. This natural progression pushed us to become a true multicultural digital agency. (It just felt right!)

Numerous great multicultural agencies have been here in Phoenix for years before us. But most, if not all, started as traditional agencies doing traditional work (print, radio, TV, etc.).

Because digital is …

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Case Study: Arizona State University (Future Sun Devil Families Program for the Latino Community in Arizona)


Our client, the Access ASU program within Arizona State University (ASU), reached out to the Nativa team to trans-create (translate in a culturally relevant manner) a full curriculum of its Future Sun Devil Families English program to Spanish. The goal was to trans-create the materials in a manner that made sense to Spanish-dominant Latino families who were interested in having their 9th and 10th grade children attend college and were interested in learning more about the academic path to a college education that they need to start while in high school.


ASU STUDY CASEThe Nativa team first researched several Spanish-language US education websites as well as websites from renowned institutions in Latin America in an effort to best identify the most common words used to describe educational terminology within the Latino educational system. Based on these findings, Nativa trans-created the documents in a manner that was culturally relevant for the Latino community in Arizona and would allow them to have the same educational experience as the English-speaking general audience.  Details were of extreme importance and the Nativa team ensured a high level of quality in the final production completed by having several teams of skilled translators and culturally relevant copywriters …

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Case Study: Dial (Translate English to Spanish of


The Dial Soap website needed to be translated from English to Spanish.

The Nativa team was assigned the task to transcreate Dial Soap’s English website to Spanish. The goal was to make the information accessible to Spanish speaking consumers in a manner that was culturally relevant while keeping Dial’s tone and brand personality.




Clean   Education   Dial

The Nativa team translated from English to Spanish the importance of hand washing that would make sense in a culturally relevant way to the Hispanic audience.

The Nativa team knew that in order to successfully translate English to Spanish on the website it needed to capture the visitor’s attention through the use of culturally relevant Spanish content while highlighting the essence of the Dial brand. Our team of bilingual professionals took on the task of identifying the most common words used by Spanish speaking consumers when describing personal care and hygiene products and analyzed each to find the best fit for the client website. Additionally, the team identified phrases and idioms used by Spanish speaking consumers and applied them as part of the trans-creation strategy.


Due to the holistic approach taken when trans-creating the content of Dial’s English website to Spanish, the …

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Why Does The Latina Shopper Matter?

Who is the Latina Shopper?

As access to technology and the convenience of online consumerism changes the way we shop, it’s impossible to ignore the role Latinos play in setting trends and styles. From the clothing we wear to home goods, to the music we listen to, Latinos have a hand in it all. To kick off the New Year, we thought it fitting to highlight the role that Latinas (las mujeres) play in the retail industry.

Adrian Carrasquillo from NBC Latino wrote an interesting article about how Latinas are changing the face of America, and how multicultural marketing is influencing our every day purchases, decision-making, and trends—though many overlook the effect of Latinos. For the current general market, the Latina woman represents beauty, style and sensuality, but at the same time is a pillar of family values and a champion for her Hispanic heritage.

Zoe Saldana for Lens Crafters Ad Campaign

Zoe Saldana for Lens Crafters Ad Campaign


Brands that truly understand the buying power of both Latina shoppers and acculturated Hispanics are the ones that have succeeded in making an emotional connection with the demographic. (Keep in mind the constant evolution of the statistical projection of this group):

  • 66 percent
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Does Your Campaign Need a Network of Bloggers? Part II

Last week we introduced you to Romina, a 31-year-old Latina blogger from New York City. As the author of Mamá XXI, a Spanish-language source for coupons, deals and general interest for Latino families, Romina is one of the 3.9 million women with children who write blogs in the US—a number estimated to increase by 500,000 in the next couple of years. Even though only 2 percent of bloggers belong to the “Mommy bloggers category,” this small sector of the blogosphere represents a huge platform for brands seeking to reach a powerful, niche market. These bloggers receive more than 500 pitches a day and in turn produce focused content that arguably helps disseminate a brand’s message better than other sources.



As an influencer and pivotal member of the Latina blogging community, Romina offers valuable insight into why companies should not only seek out bloggers but also consider blogging as part of their overall marketing strategy.


Interview with Romina Tibytt of Mama XXI


Why should large companies trying to reach the Latino market consider bloggers as part of their overall Web strategy?

Blogs are all the rage right now and the preferred medium for users to …

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