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Phoenix Arizona Hispanic Advertising – Careful Use of Spanglish is Key

As we learned from the article on Spanglish billboard advertising, there are many things to consider when placing a bilingual ad.

We are interested in finding what lessons can be learned in Spanglish and Spanish advertising from billboard ads displayed in Phoenix, Arizona. We focused this time on an area very representative of the Phoenix market, which is 7th Street in the heart of central Phoenix. For this research we analyzed the area north of Baseline Road in the south up to Bethany Road in the north.

A Traditional Spanish Ad from 1st Bank

The first advertisement reviewed is from 1st Bank out of Denver, CO. This is one where we needed to sit down and evaluate the ad as a team as we did not get it from a glance.
1st bankUpon further review we realized that there were three paint card options in which the imagined user has discarded the first two paint cards and opted for the third. The first sample says ‘No’ simply, which is clear in either English or Spanish. The second sample says ‘Bueee’ which is referring to an uncertain state of mind like “hmm, maybe…” The third sample says ‘Este es!’ …

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Phoenix Arizona Hispanic Advertising – Learning from 7th Street Billboards

In 2014 we touched base on the pulse of Phoenix, Arizona Hispanic advertising which is evidenced right here in the southwest via billboards. The $8.3 billion dollar U.S. Hispanic advertising industry is constantly evolving and as we draw near to the mid-point of 2015 we wanted to check in on the same topic and note any developments.

For this round we are focusing on an area very representative of the Phoenix market, which is 7th Street in the heart of central Phoenix. For this research we focused on the area north of Baseline Road in the south up to Bethany Home Road in the north.

Spanglish Billboard located on 7th St in central Phoenix

Spanglish Billboard located on 7th St in central Phoenix

As we started north and headed south, the billboard pictured above is in the more affluent area of central Phoenix.  This particular billboard is always occupied by an ad for the Fox Restaurant Concepts group who rotates ads for a selection of their 20 Phoenix area restaurants from this space. This billboard is located just next to their prime central Phoenix location, Culinary Dropout, The Yard, and their newest tenant, fellow local restaurant favorite, Barrio Urbano.

Fox has used their recent partnership with this successful Mexican …

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Nativa to Sponsor Collectivo Event: Marketing to Latinos in 2015

A Great Learning Event to Kickoff 2015

Nativa is proud to announce that they will be hosting the next Collectivo event which will be held on January 21, 2015 in Phoenix. The topic of the event is ‘Marketing to Latinos in 2015’ where Nativa’s own Eric Diaz will lead a discussion and activity session about the nuances in Hispanic marketing for the new year. Attendees to this event will be treated to an interactive format where they will participate in activities that teach them the newest trends in Hispanic marketing while maintaining a fun and casual environment.

Marketing to Latinos in 2015

The anticipation begins for the interactive learning event on January 21st 2015.

Among other topics attendees can expect to learn about:

  1. Arizona Hispanic Millennials – how to reach this group?
  2. The growing total market approach by large brands
  3. Use of Spanglish in Hispanic marketing
  4. Hispanic agencies going mainstream, is 2015 the year?
  5. Which social media channels Hispanics use most

This will be the second event that Nativa is sponsoring for Collectivo, which is no surprise given the great turnout and excitement for that panel discussion titled ‘Hispanic or Latino’.  We expect more great things from the Collectivo group and anxiously await this …

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Marketers Perspective: 2012 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit

Every year there are scores of conferences that beckon my attention. They all claim to be the go-to event where you will not only learn key strategies, but also have the chance to connect with important people that will help your business grow.  Of course the budget of a small agency will not allow me to attend all conferences so I must be wise as I selectively choose. That said, last week I attended the Hispanic Retail 360 Summit in Los Angeles and I was extremely satisfied.

Good Conferences Bring Good People

Overall, from a marketers perspective on making connections, their is no better Hispanic marketing conference. That is a tough comparison too because the LATISM conference has great content, Hispanicize is quickly turning into a Latino version of SXSW, and both bring in great crowds.  However, in LA last week every time I sat down, I found myself surrounded by marketing directors and managers running some of the most iconic U.S. brands. And they were great, inspiring people who were normal and genuine; I spoke with the Stop & Shop marketing manager about efficient work-spaces. A Best Buy VP personally invited me to a gala in the city …
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