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The (Data Validated) Latino Language Choice when Advertising to Hispanics

There is no doubt about it, Spanish is here to stay. In fact, national statistics show that by 2034, 70% of U.S Hispanics aged 5 and older will speak some level of Spanish at home. However, to be noted is that this same research study confirms that 93% of US Hispanics speak English at some level today. Additional research studies show that Hispanics that consume digital content are overwhelmingly English speakers.

Social Conversations Among Hispanics Favor English

Following this trend on social media, the OYE! Intelligence research platform was utilized to find what was the Latino language breakdown of U.S. Hispanics in various industries with heavy daily conversation. The OYE tool is not a survey, instead relying on natural conversation that it anonymously collects to provide insights on specific trends. Through the Hispanic social listening tool, it was found that in the Hair Products Industry, English was the dominant language at 63%, followed by Spanish at 28% and Bilingual at 9%. The OYE platform identifies bilingual as any social media post which contains at least one English word, and one Spanish word.

Hair Products

Latino Language Choice: Hair Products Industry


Fast Food Conversation Trends towards English with Exceptions

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