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Leading the Majors: The Man behind the D-backs Hispanic Sports Marketing Initiative

I combed the mid-town Phoenix coffee shop, looking for a familiar face amidst the well-caffeinated clientele. I finally recognized the satisfied smile from the face behind one of the most influential Hispanic social media presences in baseball; Jerry Romo. 

jerry romoAs the 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) wrapped up this October 15th, it was a great time for our sister company OYE! to research how baseball teams and the MLB itself drove conversation celebrating Hispanic contributions to the sport. OYE!’s research on Hispanic conversation during the 30 days of HHM for all major league teams that have a Spanish language social media account discusses the findings among the thousands of mentions about kick off events, Latin music performances, fiestas, and special events to reach the Hispanic community. Of all teams analyzed, OYE! found that the Arizona Diamondbacks had the highest amount of mentions, driving 23% of the overall Hispanic MLB conversation.

Wanting to know more, I asked for Mr. Jerry Romo to meet with me and discuss the Diamondbacks overall Hispanic sports marketing strategy. As he explained that morning, the Hispanic effort from the Phoenix area ball club is both original and robust. 

The Diamondbacks Focus on the Hispanic Market

Romo’s …

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Phoenix Arizona Hispanic Advertising – Careful Use of Spanglish is Key

As we learned from the article on Spanglish billboard advertising, there are many things to consider when placing a bilingual ad.

We are interested in finding what lessons can be learned in Spanglish and Spanish advertising from billboard ads displayed in Phoenix, Arizona. We focused this time on an area very representative of the Phoenix market, which is 7th Street in the heart of central Phoenix. For this research we analyzed the area north of Baseline Road in the south up to Bethany Road in the north.

A Traditional Spanish Ad from 1st Bank

The first advertisement reviewed is from 1st Bank out of Denver, CO. This is one where we needed to sit down and evaluate the ad as a team as we did not get it from a glance.
1st bankUpon further review we realized that there were three paint card options in which the imagined user has discarded the first two paint cards and opted for the third. The first sample says ‘No’ simply, which is clear in either English or Spanish. The second sample says ‘Bueee’ which is referring to an uncertain state of mind like “hmm, maybe…” The third sample says ‘Este es!’ …

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Phoenix Arizona Hispanic Advertising – Learning from 7th Street Billboards

In 2014 we touched base on the pulse of Phoenix, Arizona Hispanic advertising which is evidenced right here in the southwest via billboards. The $8.3 billion dollar U.S. Hispanic advertising industry is constantly evolving and as we draw near to the mid-point of 2015 we wanted to check in on the same topic and note any developments.

For this round we are focusing on an area very representative of the Phoenix market, which is 7th Street in the heart of central Phoenix. For this research we focused on the area north of Baseline Road in the south up to Bethany Home Road in the north.

Spanglish Billboard located on 7th St in central Phoenix

Spanglish Billboard located on 7th St in central Phoenix

As we started north and headed south, the billboard pictured above is in the more affluent area of central Phoenix.  This particular billboard is always occupied by an ad for the Fox Restaurant Concepts group who rotates ads for a selection of their 20 Phoenix area restaurants from this space. This billboard is located just next to their prime central Phoenix location, Culinary Dropout, The Yard, and their newest tenant, fellow local restaurant favorite, Barrio Urbano.

Fox has used their recent partnership with this successful Mexican …

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What Makes Arizona Hispanics Unique?

In the business of mass communications, understanding American culture across the states is tough. Understanding minorities’ diverse cultures across the regions is even tougher. Now ask yourselves, what happens when you’re dealing with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation minorities in one place – all uniquely different?

All of these generations differ in backgrounds, customs, traditions, dialects and, of course, buying considerations/triggers.  Having so many different generations of Latinos in one region is part of what makes the state of Arizona so special. Another major reason that Arizona is unique is due to the homogeneity of country of descent from Latinos in the region.  While Latinos in other regions particularly on the east coast tend to be more diverse as far as the country of descent, Arizona is truly set apart by the dominance of Mexican heritage.  In fact, according to the 2014 Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Datos study, over 90% of Phoenix-area Hispanics are of Mexican descent, which compares to only 63% for the entire nation.

NATIVA_AZ_LATINOSThis statistic is huge when one recognizes the strong culture that Mexicans have, especially when considering the relevant customs and holidays that are shared by this group.
Making things

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A World Cup Party to Remember

On Tuesday the 17th, the Nativa staff decided to do something we dont do near enough.  Have some fun!  We invited 50 of our favorite partners, clients, and generally delightful people to join us for the high profile Brazil-Mexico FIFA World Cup soccer game.  We decided to host the event at the Arcadia Tavern, conveniently located halfway between Phoenix and Scottsdale, making it easy for people in both cities to attend in less than a 15 minute drive.

The invitation for the World Cup Event on June 17th

The invitation for the World Cup Event on June 17th was quite popular and had to be shut down a few days prior to the match!

Maria from Nativa set the tone early by showing off her colors (tricolors to be exact) early on in the morning.  While most people attending wore their business casual gear (it was a workday at noon after all) there were a few others in Mexico gear and even one brave soul in Brazil garb!

The Nativa Hispanic soccer marketing table was packed.  This was not a surprise as our partner Jaime Talamante from New York Life helped promote the event and together we found that getting Hispanics to watch soccer is about as difficult as it …

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Social Media Spanish Rebranding as NATIVA

Why are we rebranding as Nativa?

One word: Simplicity. Rebranding ourselves allows us to market all of our services under one name rather than split between two, as we do now along with DK Web Consulting and Social Media Spanish (SMS).

New logo for the Nativa Agency

New logo for the Nativa Agency

Why not simply take the name of one of the existing brands?

We simply outgrew both of our previous company names and needed a new name that would guide us smoothly into the future as an agency capable of handling general market projects in addition to the Hispanic market.  Also, we have grown our capabilities into traditional areas such as radio PR, TV and we needed a name that allowed us to grow.

What will happen to SMS?

All services and relationships that SMS had will continue on under the new brand name of Nativa.  All content including websites, blogs and social media will be moved over to the new company name over the next few weeks.

What does this mean for our clients and partners?

Our clients and partners simply need to update the new company name on any contracts, and other agreements in the future.

What new services does SMS offer?

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When to Partner With a Hispanic Marketing Agency

When to Partner With a Hispanic Marketing Agency

As a business owner or marketer you may be interested in marketing to the U.S. Hispanic market and you don’t know where to start. Well, you have a couple of options. You could roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty trying to do it all on your own and see what happens. Or, you could reach out to a Hispanic marketing agency with years of experience in a variety of industries and let them take on the challenges that lie ahead. That leads me to my first question:

 How do you find a good Hispanic agency Partner?

sepia eric

In this podcast Eric Diaz gives you advice from his five years of experience on how you can effectively partner with a Hispanic marketing agency. Learn about what internal capabilities an agency should have and how to assess their previous Hispanic marketing work. Also in this podcast, Eric explains what specific indicators you can look out for to determine a good fit between you and the Hispanic agency.

With so many important factors like how and when to partner with an agency, take a minute and listen to this podcast. Then you can …

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What is Online Listening?

What is Online Listening?

In this podcast we go into how online listening works. Basically online listening is a business intelligence software that listens to people’s conversations online about a specific brand, product, or company. Online listening tracks what people are saying by pulling keywords that are relevant to a brand from thousands of publicly posted sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, and a ton of other forums online.

What Are the Benefits of Online Listening?

sepia clint

As a business owner or marketer you can listen to opinions, concerns, and preferences to get a feel for market trends. With this insight you can predict consumer behavior or change your marketing campaign according to what the data tells you. Online listening can give your business an advantage over your competitors by giving you data to predict trends, create more effective marketing campaigns, and find online influencers in your industry. See how online listening has benefited such companies as Sherwin Williams, Fox Broadcasting, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Proctor and Gamble.

We tell the story about how a Hispanic marketing agency with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Columbus, Ohio became an industry expert in Spanish online listening and is …

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Using Google+ Hangouts to Connect our 3 National Offices

The Annual Digital Retreat

This story is about a meeting, but not just any typical meeting. Three teams met for the first time, “face to face,” across three states a cumulative 3,000 miles apart.

While Columbus, OH is our largest office, we have a number of employees in both our Phoenix and Miami offices that made it appropriate for us to see each other, albeit virtually, during the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish our first annual retreat for all employees of DK Web Consulting and Social Media Spanish.  It was a Saturday morning in early January where team members from all three offices got together via Google+ Hangouts to get to know each other on a more personal level, brainstorm ideas and discuss where the team is headed for 2013 and beyond.

Members of the Miami team gathered for the annual meeting

Members of the Miami team gathered for the annual digital retreat.

So why Google+ Hangouts?

The choice of Google+ Hangouts is an interesting topic as we habitually use Skype each and every day for our internal communications.  We have also recently begun to use for many internal meetings but for this retreat we felt we needed more of a personal experience; we

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Meet Arizona Senator Jerry Lewis, Supported by East Valley Hispanics

Visit to Senator Lewis’s Mesa Office

When I first walked into the office of State Senator Jerry Lewis, I did not know what to expect.  I had read and heard much about the candidate that defied the odds to beat and oust Russell Pearce in Arizona’s former Legislative District 18 (Lewis resides in the newly formed District 26 serving Mesa and Tempe) recall election last fall [1], but I did not know what I would discover about him on a personal level.

The man Senator Lewis defeated is infamous as being the Senator to sponsor the nationally criticized SB 1070, anti immigration policy that requires state law officials to verify an individual’s immigration status during a lawful stop.  Surely, a man who had the bravery and effectiveness to stand up to one of Arizona’s legal bullies would hold office in an exquisite locale.  I thought perhaps there would be a grand entrance to his corner office with a picturesque view of the valley.  There would likely be staffers writing down every word spoken between us I thought as reasonable as well.  When I walked in his quiet, windowless office I realized none of this was the case.  And as we …

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