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Why would a Hispanic Marketing Agency Locate in Phoenix?

DK’s First Year Anniversary in Phoenix

On Monday, March 12, my firm DK Web Consulting completes its first year in operation since opening a second office in Phoenix last spring.  Much has happened in the past year, many new contacts have been made and client deals have been struck.  I find none of that too surprising since we expanded to Phoenix because of the opportunity we saw to make a difference and provide our Hispanic communications services to the western region of the United States.

So why open a Hispanic marketing agency in Phoenix?

The question I am most often asked when I travel around the country, from those closest to me as well as people I have just met is, “Arizona? Why would we want to open an office in Phoenix of all places?”

I know they are referring to the anti-Latino sentiment here, and the fact that our current governor makes our entire region look like a buffoon-run state, and I will discuss my personal feelings on this towards the end of this post.

I explain to them that these are the reasons DK is proud to have moved to Phoenix, Arizona:

1. Phoenix is a major

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How Government and Non-Profits are using Hispanic Social Media.

The Hispanic Social Media Insights Webinars series continues March 23 (1 to 2 p.m. ET) with a free national webinar titled “How Government and Non-Profits are using Hispanic Social Media.”  Case Studies to include The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as NacerSano of the March of Dimes.

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Sponsored by Social Media Spanish, the national webinar series was created by the Hispanic PR Blog.

Among the hot topics that will be discussed are:
• What are some of the current best practices being used by government agencies and nonprofits to engage specific segments of the online Hispanic audience by delivering unique, targeted content to attract, engage, and create community.
• What are the key differences in running a campaign for government or a non-profit versus for a corporation?
• Case Studies including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as NacerSano of the March of Dimes which illustrate how several government agencies and nonprofits are using the web and social media to actively engage Latinos online.
• How social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter meet the unique communication needs of government agencies and nonprofits.

Confirmed speakers for

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Running a Non Profit’s Hispanic Marketing Campaign – Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Hector Herrera is a man with a plan. As the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FSHCC), his goal is to expand awareness of their mission to promote the economic advancement of Florida’s Hispanic community. The FSHCC was founded in 2000, boasts an audience of 80,000 Florida businesses, employs 5 fulltime South Floridians, and has corporate partnerships that include Citibank, Ford, Pfizer, and Sprint to name a few.

In September, DK had a chance to speak with Mr. Herrera about the FSHCC’s current social media presence and their strategy to expand. Our overall objective was to get in the head of a social media campaign manager for a large non profit to better understand how they manage their campaign. Mr. Herrera explained that traditionally the FSHCC’s outreach efforts included networking events, education programs, and an e-Newsletter, but that lately it has been primarily focused on their social media campaign.

The FSHCC has several social media accounts, all with a solid following. They have found the most success with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, they are also starting to see LinkedIn as an effective tool. For maintaining these accounts they have used the social …

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Engaging Spanish Speaking Consumers through Social Media – the March of Dimes Way

After years of fielding thousands of phone calls and emails from Spanish speaking mothers and parents to be, the March of Dimes realized the necessity to expand their outreach efforts. And while reports are now streaming in bearing statistics about how much more active Hispanics are on social media, it seems that the March of Dimes knew all along.

100% Comment response is the goal at NacerSano

The March of Dimes launched its Spanish-language site,, in 2004 as a response to the deficiency of trusted and accurate health information among Spanish-speaking women and their families. In 2007, realizing they needed to have an even bigger presence within the Spanish-speaking community; they kicked off a social media initiative with their Spanish-language blog, located at This blog enabled the March of Dimes to engage with their consumers in a more organic and informal setting.

Social Media is not new to the March of Dimes. Beverly Robertson, a National Director at the March of Dimes, who heads up social media efforts, has gained approximately 8,000 twitter followers to date (@marchofdimes). Their Facebook page has over 70,000 fans.  But what is quite noticeably innovative & impressive is the …

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