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Non-Profit Lifeline of Ohio Launches Hispanic Campaign, partners with MLS Team

The Knee Injury

When Venezuelan midfielder Bernardo Añor of the Columbus Crew attributes his success on the field to his fans, take his word for it. Añor says his dream to play soccer professionally was made possible by his tissue donor.

Just a few years ago, Añor was kicked from behind during play and suffered a torn ligament requiring a tissue transplant to repair his knee.  With the support of his family and friends, Añor underwent the successful procedure.  Thankfully, Añor is now back in the game, and able to pursue his dream as a soccer player better than ever.

Bernardo Añor signing a young heart recipient’s t-shirt

Bernardo Añor signing a young heart recipient’s t-shirt


Añor, along with four other Columbus Crew athletes, is joining forces with Lifeline of Ohio, an independent, non-profit organization that promotes and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation—for the second consecutive season – for their “Heroes On and Off the Field” (Héroes En y Fuera del Campo) campaign.

First Kick 2012

The goal of the Heroes On and Off the Field campaign is to raise awareness about tissue and organ donation, beginning with “First Kick 2012,” the Columbus Crew’s first home game taking place …

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El Sporting KC: Focus on Social Media (Part 2 of 2)

Lo prometido es deuda (A Promise Delivered)

As we promised you, here is part two of Sporting KC’s Hispanic reach through sales, marketing and, as you will learn today, social media.

If you haven’t read the story “Prepárate: Marketing to Latinos Major League (Soccer) Style,” here’s the quick recap.

Many sports teams have been trying to reach Hispanic consumers and talk to them through sales teams, but not many were thinking about speaking with their audience. Sporting KC brings in the brilliant Latino Marketing Manager Sinhue Mendoza, who puts several marketing plans in place to connect with his Hispanic audience. With small budgets, and insights on Hispanics and social media use, he utilizes mostly social media to reach out and connect. He turns Sporting KC to one of the most successful teams reaching to Hispanics, as well as turning those potential fans into diehard fans, by leveraging local hero, #99 Omar Bravo.

Facebook El Sporting KC - Omar Bravo Latino of the Year

High engagement on a recent post from El Sporting KC about Omar Bravo being selected Latino of the Year

But what exactly is “successful?”

First, let’s look at the numbers as of date written on 12/10/2011 and note that all growth has been organic so far. Sporting …

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Prepárate: Marketing to Latinos Major League (Soccer) Style (Part 1 of 2)

Preparate - Hispanic Marketing MLS Style[Intro] Last month, we broke down all MLS teams and how they connect with the Hispanic audience. Some teams’ efforts were minimal, but those of other teams were highly effective. Leading the pack was Sporting KC.  After reading our post, Sinhue Mendoza, Latino Marketing Manager at Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club, reached out to us to share his thoughts. And, a simple call quickly turned into a highly insightful conversation.

Prepárate (Get ready!)

Fútbol is without doubt the world’s number one sport. But in Latin America, no one loves the sport more than Latinos. However, in the US, fútbol has not quite lifted the masses spirits like in the rest of the world.

Knowing that US Hispanics would be more prone to attend fútbol games because of their family traditions, teams focused on building sales teams to reach out to the Latino audience. What they did not do was build Hispanic marketing and communication teams to best reach these audiences, who in the long run could become brand ambassadors and diehard fans. And where there are diehard fans, there is high flying dinero. This is why marketing to Latinos can prove to be extremely beneficial.

But sports teams

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MLS Fútbol (Soccer) Teams With Spanish Online Presence

In the 4th minute of Saturday night’s game against DC United, Omar Bravo of Sporting KC was anxious to take the shot.  Sporting KC, who had been in last place as recently as June had a chance to lock up first place in the Eastern Conference and a solid opportunity at a berth in the MLS Cup.  And while Bravo’s shot missed the goal, Sporting KC went on to win the game and complete the turnaround securing home field advantage in the playoffs.

But playing good soccer is not all that Mexican international Bravo and Sporting KC does well.  They also have proven to be the savviest MLS team when it comes to reaching out to Spanish speaking Hispanics.

As we reviewed the MLS team websites we had in mind that the MLS, being a soccer league with teams in major Hispanic markets such as New York, LA, and Chicago, would definitely have a huge presence of Spanish language media forums.    We were surprised after reviewing all 19 MLS teams that only 3, (including Sporting KC), had Spanish language social media presence, while 4 US based teams had no Spanish online presence at all.  Below is our complete review divided …

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