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When Less is More: Latina Micro-Influencers Pave the Way – Interview with Tyannah Vasquez

The Smile – Meeting Tyannah

As I’ve learned in the advertising business, you can tell a lot from a smile. When I first came across Tyannah’s friendly expression; I knew she was a perfect match for my client’s campaign.

While working on one our agency’s CPG client’s accounts, on a task that admittedly can be a tad laborious, it is the rare persona whom I encounter who makes an impression on me right off the bat. It’s nothing personal; just that on an average day I may review hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals to find just the right person to work with our cherished, globally-renowned brands.

Upon successfully contacting the owner of that grin, Tyannah, and several pleasant exchanges, my agency (Nativa) gladly agreed to send her a few of our brand’s newest products for her to try on her brilliantly curly, long hair. Within a week we were pleased to see that she had created an experience video using our client’s curling mouse and styling putty on her Instagram page. ‘How nice!’ I thought, as I was accustomed to seeing our fans sharing our product, and at times getting several hundred Likes on these posts. Our team

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