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Running a Non Profit’s Hispanic Marketing Campaign – Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Hector Herrera is a man with a plan. As the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (FSHCC), his goal is to expand awareness of their mission to promote the economic advancement of Florida’s Hispanic community. The FSHCC was founded in 2000, boasts an audience of 80,000 Florida businesses, employs 5 fulltime South Floridians, and has corporate partnerships that include Citibank, Ford, Pfizer, and Sprint to name a few.

In September, DK had a chance to speak with Mr. Herrera about the FSHCC’s current social media presence and their strategy to expand. Our overall objective was to get in the head of a social media campaign manager for a large non profit to better understand how they manage their campaign. Mr. Herrera explained that traditionally the FSHCC’s outreach efforts included networking events, education programs, and an e-Newsletter, but that lately it has been primarily focused on their social media campaign.

The FSHCC has several social media accounts, all with a solid following. They have found the most success with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, they are also starting to see LinkedIn as an effective tool. For maintaining these accounts they have used the social …

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What to Read from the Top 2010 Hispanic Online Marketing Reports

Since there are already too many 40+ page reports out there instructing marketers as to where the opportunities lie in engaging with Hispanic consumers, we’re here to make it easy.  This is our analysis of the 3 most current free Hispanic Online Marketing reports; the 2010 US Hispanic Social Media and Marketing Overview, the 2010-2011 Hispanic Social Media Guide,  and the 2010 Hispanic CyberStudy.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and we have ranked them in the order that we recommend them to a marketer with a limited amount of time for research on the Hispanic Consumer.

1. 2010 US Hispanic Social Media and Marketing Overview

This was our favorite report and a clear case of why not to judge a book by its cover. While the title page and overall design may look a bit like a 12th grade History Paper, this report is full of useful statistics as well as qualitative data from industry experts that make it a good read. Recommended reading includes:   “The Latino Research Story” (pg 9-10), “Who’s Best to Handle it All” (pg 21-23), “The Pan Latin Connector” (pg 33-34) and “Expectations, Propositions, & Future Thought” (pg 35-39).


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How Fortune 1,000 Brands Engage Spanish Speaking Facebook Fans


Many large brands such as Nike, McDonald’s and others have well over 1 million fans and struggle deciding how best to communicate with Spanish speaking Facebook fans which in many cases are 10% or more of their total fan base.  We determined there are 4 main methods to begin engaging a brand’s fans using Spanish language marketing.

They are:  1 – Creating a new Page, 2 – Posting to Everyone, 3 – Using Filters, or 4 – Creating a new Tab.  We created a list of pros and cons for each of the 4 methods and we detail these below.

1 – Creating a new Page
Building a new page dedicated to Spanish content is one popular choice that many large brands use.  AT&T, CNN, Tostitos, and the NBA have all chosen this path and grown substantial followings.  A new page will show up on an internal search by the firm’s brand name which will help in drawing new fans.  A key benefit for choosing this method is that it enables a brand to provide content specifically targeted to its Spanish language fans in a dedicated forum.  This has been seen as the …

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