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Start-ups and Latino Innovation

The number of early stage start-ups and accelerators are thriving, however, the success of these initiatives are tied to reliable funding sources.


My Start-up Story

I recently completed a 10 week intensive program with 10xelerator,  a mentor-driven investment program in Columbus Ohio designed for energetic and game-changing entrepreneurs. The first day in the incubator I was pleasantly surprised to discover that out of the 10 selected teams from around the globe there were two other Latinos in the program.

During the 10x program I had the opportunity to travel and meet entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.  Prior to my trip I searched for any Latino group in the Valley to connect and network with and I discovered the Latino Startup Alliance, a dynamic group with the mission to cultivate, encourage and support technology start-up ventures and Latino innovation.


The 1st Annual Innovator Summit in San Francisco hosted by the Latino Startup Alliance is scheduled for December 5th and 6th, startups can still apply to pitch or conversations can be followed by using #LSASummit13 on Twitter.


What’s next

My last thought for anyone considering launching a start-up, technology is the future, and as the Hispanic …

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Marketer’s Perspective: LATISM 2012 Conference

As mentioned in my recent post on the Hispanic Retail 360 Summit, marketers must often make tough decisions on which conferences to attend, given that there are time and budget constraints.  While LATISM 2012 was not the best conference I’ve been to, it still held its value.  The content was solid and the people that I met also made the trip worthwhile.

Houston Calling

Having never been to Houston, I was excited to visit Space City.  The conference definitely had that “big city” feel, as it was held at the Downtown Hyatt near many Houston attractions. My business partner and Social Media Spanish co-owner Natasha Pongonis joined me for the conference too, which allowed us to have internal meetings in our off time from the conference.

Social Media Spanish team at the Toyota red carpet opening for LATISM 2012

Social Media Spanish team at the Toyota red carpet opening for LATISM 2012.

And the Bloggers came out in Force!

LATISM is known for bringing out bloggers, and this year was no different.  Two out of three people I met was a blogger it seemed, which was great as I frequently work with bloggers and always enjoy connecting with a new one.  I specifically enjoyed connecting with Holdin’ Out for a Hero, …

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Why would a Hispanic Marketing Agency Locate in Phoenix?

DK’s First Year Anniversary in Phoenix

On Monday, March 12, my firm DK Web Consulting completes its first year in operation since opening a second office in Phoenix last spring.  Much has happened in the past year, many new contacts have been made and client deals have been struck.  I find none of that too surprising since we expanded to Phoenix because of the opportunity we saw to make a difference and provide our Hispanic communications services to the western region of the United States.

So why open a Hispanic marketing agency in Phoenix?

The question I am most often asked when I travel around the country, from those closest to me as well as people I have just met is, “Arizona? Why would we want to open an office in Phoenix of all places?”

I know they are referring to the anti-Latino sentiment here, and the fact that our current governor makes our entire region look like a buffoon-run state, and I will discuss my personal feelings on this towards the end of this post.

I explain to them that these are the reasons DK is proud to have moved to Phoenix, Arizona:

1. Phoenix is a major

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Why Im Going to the LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) Conference

It was really a no-brainer as I received my first invite to attend the 2011 LATISM conference a few months back.  I signed up to attend as the folks that run LATISM, or #LATISM as it is perhaps more commonly known, really get social media and its role with Hispanics.  Even better, it will be in November before Thanksgiving and I really have wanted an excuse to get to Chicago anyway.

Let me tell you a bit more about LATISM, the conference, and what tracks I will personally be attending.

The Basics

LATISM stands for Latinos in Social Media.  The group was founded as a non profit in 2009 dedicated to advancing the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community.  The group has grown fast and is recognized as the most influential online movement in the new multicultural Web.

Following #LATISM

A view of #LATISM on Twitter

LATISM enjoys one of the largest Latino network on Facebook and also is creator of one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, the #LATISM hashtag, which captures over 10 million impressions on a daily basis.

People know that if you want the most current news on what is going …

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