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Billboard Advertising – The Pulse of Hispanic Marketing

A Break from the Action…

Traffic was thick and I was looking for anything to take my mind off a rough day at the office.  Busy from what seemed to be endless client meetings, I decided to take a drive to clear my head, and in search of fast food.  As I tried to wiggle my way through traffic on the freeway, something that seemed to blend into the landscape most of the time suddenly popped out at me. My eyes couldn’t help but look up at a giant picture of Taylor Swift staring down at me as she held a can of Diet Coke that was the size of a minivan. It was a billboard.

Billboards provide a Pulse of Hispanic Marketing

As a digital marketer I know it may sound strange, but billboards can tell us so much about how companies are targeting the mass market today. The reason I am fascinated with billboards is that they hold our attention and, for those few seconds, they tell us a story before we shift our eyes back to the road and what lies ahead of us. Billboards help us take a pulse of what is happening in the marketing …

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Switching Gears: NASCAR Welcomes the Hispanic Audience

A casual conversation at Hispanicize

While taking a much needed pit stop during April’s Hispanicize conference in Miami, my business partner Natasha Pongonis and I happened to bump into a representative from the NASCAR Multicultural Development team.  As we chit chatted, we realized how interesting NASCAR’s multicultural strategies and plan were and decided to write a blog to share the NASCAR story with our readers.

Here at DK Web Consulting and Social Media Spanish, we love sports. We especially love sports brands who understand how important it is to reach out to Hispanics in the US and abroad. In the past year, we have had the opportunity of bringing you stories about Major League Soccer (MLS) the NBA the NFL and, today, we are bringing you the unique world of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

Racing has been a big part of Latin culture for as long as it has been a sport, but in America, the Mecca of car racing, NASCAR, is doing everything in its power to reach out to Hispanic audiences.  NACAR is even “opening its doors” to drivers, crew members and owners of Hispanic background to attract more interest …

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Hispanicize 2012 Wrapup – DK’s Thoughts on a Grand Latino Leadership Conference

The DK leadership team, Natasha Pongonis and I, just got back from Hispanicize 2012 and really were amazed by the overall experience.  Here we want to share a few thoughts from our team that other marketers and bloggers may consider for their future conference decisions.  To view all photos from the Hispanicize conference check out our DK Facebook page.

Eric and Natasha arriving to the Hispanicize Conference

Eric and Natasha arriving to the Hispanicize Conference


Bloggers in Force!

There were many, many Latina bloggers at the conference.  This is great as we work with many bloggers on brand messaging, so to have a chance to meet and socialize with them is really a great opportunity.  Some of our favorites were there including Jeannette Kaplun of Todobebe, Romina Tibytt of Mama XXI, and Alexandra Morbitzer of Fit Latina.  It was also great to spend some time with some of the amazing cause bloggers such as Laurita Tellado of Holdin’ out for a Hero, fashion bloggers including Mercedes Sanchez of Be Chic Magazine, and food bloggers like Nicole Presley of Presleys Pantry.  If you want to laugh and learn more about Latina food bloggers watch the video below from Nicole.


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