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Hispanic NBA Players a Hit with Latino Fans

Top Hispanic NBA Players Rake in Conversations Between Seasons

Who knew Hispanic basketball players were still a major topic of conversation in the off-season? It seems that even when they’re not on the court, NBA players such as the Gasol brothers and Carmelo Anthony are still filling up Twitter streams generating Likes and trending in the blogosphere. Recently, our Social Media Spanish team endeavored to explore the trend by analyzing online conversations about the 23 currently active, NBA players who are from Spain, Latin America or are US born Latinos.1 The analysis took place during a 30 day stretch of the off-season this summer. Using advanced online listening software, we were able to source conversations to determine which players generated the most buzz and what got users talking on the whole.  This blog presents a sample of the data and the whole complementary report can be requested following the instructions below.

Top 7 Hispanic NBA Players by Volume of Online Mentions

Top 7 Hispanic NBA Players by Volume of Online Mentions

The Big Three of Hispanic Conversation

The Hispanic players that generated the most conversations were Pau Gasol (56%), Carmelo Anthony (19%), and Marc Gasol (5%) respectively.  Combined these three represented 80% of the overall conversation about Hispanic players.  …

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‘The Numbers’ (Listen like the NBA: ¡Con Emocion! Part 2)

Last week, we promised we would highlight the numbers from our “Listen Like the NBA: ¡Con Emoción!”story, as well as how the NBA’s Hispanic marketing group leverages social media in order to keep their fans in the know and excited about the season even during the recent National Basketball Association (NBA) lockout.

“Numbers were up during opening week this season. Hispanics tuned in, continuing to build on the year-to-year growth we’ve experienced since the launch of the campaign in 2009,” said NBA Vice President of Multicultural Marketing Saskia Sorrosa.

But how big is this growth exactly?

Last time we spoke, NBA Hispanic Marketing: “Social Media a Key Component of Our Strategy,” éne-bé-a had more than 248,000 fans on Facebook and 1,800 on Twitter. Today, they have nearly 310,000 fans (25 percent growth) on Facebook and 5,600 on Twitter (211 percent growth).

One would think growth like this is due to a heavy social media ad campaign, but to our surprise, it was not.

“The growth we’ve seen on our social media assets is mostly organic. We have TV, radio and online ads that drive viewers back to our page, but we don’t buy ads on Facebook …

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Listen like the NBA: ¡Con Emoción! (Part 1 of 2)


The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Hispanic platform, éne-bé-a, which we featured in a two-part series last season, is off to a fast start. With growth numbers almost unrealistic to any brand, the éne-bé-a’s key to their organic social media growth is being a great listener.

The éne-bé-a’s new “Emoción” campaign was born directly from listening to their fans, according to NBA Vice President of Multicultural Marketing Saskia Sorrosa. With this effort the NBA is taking their reach to Hispanic audiences to the next level.

Captivated by the emotion Latinos brings to the game, the éne-bé-a team, with the help of their Hispanic ad agency, Bromley Communications, is aggressively going after this audience. And they are very proud of the outcome from the “Emoción” campaign, in particular their TV and radio creative, which is an extension of their successful “Pobre Garganta” campaign from the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

“The campaign did well during the time it ran. Fans embraced it, and more importantly, identified with it,” Ms. Sorrosa said. “It highlighted the passion that Latinos bring to our game in a dramatic way and used a popular song by Coldplay that connected with both Hispanic and non-Hispanic fans to make …

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