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What Makes Arizona Hispanics Unique?

In the business of mass communications, understanding American culture across the states is tough. Understanding minorities’ diverse cultures across the regions is even tougher. Now ask yourselves, what happens when you’re dealing with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation minorities in one place – all uniquely different?

All of these generations differ in backgrounds, customs, traditions, dialects and, of course, buying considerations/triggers.  Having so many different generations of Latinos in one region is part of what makes the state of Arizona so special. Another major reason that Arizona is unique is due to the homogeneity of country of descent from Latinos in the region.  While Latinos in other regions particularly on the east coast tend to be more diverse as far as the country of descent, Arizona is truly set apart by the dominance of Mexican heritage.  In fact, according to the 2014 Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Datos study, over 90% of Phoenix-area Hispanics are of Mexican descent, which compares to only 63% for the entire nation.

NATIVA_AZ_LATINOSThis statistic is huge when one recognizes the strong culture that Mexicans have, especially when considering the relevant customs and holidays that are shared by this group.
Making things

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Nativa to Sponsor Collectivo Event: Marketing to Latinos in 2015

A Great Learning Event to Kickoff 2015

Nativa is proud to announce that they will be hosting the next Collectivo event which will be held on January 21, 2015 in Phoenix. The topic of the event is ‘Marketing to Latinos in 2015’ where Nativa’s own Eric Diaz will lead a discussion and activity session about the nuances in Hispanic marketing for the new year. Attendees to this event will be treated to an interactive format where they will participate in activities that teach them the newest trends in Hispanic marketing while maintaining a fun and casual environment.

Marketing to Latinos in 2015

The anticipation begins for the interactive learning event on January 21st 2015.

Among other topics attendees can expect to learn about:

  1. Arizona Hispanic Millennials – how to reach this group?
  2. The growing total market approach by large brands
  3. Use of Spanglish in Hispanic marketing
  4. Hispanic agencies going mainstream, is 2015 the year?
  5. Which social media channels Hispanics use most

This will be the second event that Nativa is sponsoring for Collectivo, which is no surprise given the great turnout and excitement for that panel discussion titled ‘Hispanic or Latino’.  We expect more great things from the Collectivo group and anxiously await this …

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Meet Arizona Senator Jerry Lewis, Supported by East Valley Hispanics

Visit to Senator Lewis’s Mesa Office

When I first walked into the office of State Senator Jerry Lewis, I did not know what to expect.  I had read and heard much about the candidate that defied the odds to beat and oust Russell Pearce in Arizona’s former Legislative District 18 (Lewis resides in the newly formed District 26 serving Mesa and Tempe) recall election last fall [1], but I did not know what I would discover about him on a personal level.

The man Senator Lewis defeated is infamous as being the Senator to sponsor the nationally criticized SB 1070, anti immigration policy that requires state law officials to verify an individual’s immigration status during a lawful stop.  Surely, a man who had the bravery and effectiveness to stand up to one of Arizona’s legal bullies would hold office in an exquisite locale.  I thought perhaps there would be a grand entrance to his corner office with a picturesque view of the valley.  There would likely be staffers writing down every word spoken between us I thought as reasonable as well.  When I walked in his quiet, windowless office I realized none of this was the case.  And as we …

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