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latino social media influencers

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While many research studies have been conducted to analyze data on the most effective platforms for reaching different groups of consumers, the economic power of today’s Latino consumer is no secret. Brands and social media influencers are collaborating to market products on social platforms.

“Many Latinos are both empowered consumers and influential co-creators in the digital age – that is an exciting and powerful combination,” explains Maria Cabo, Digital and Multicultural Strategist.

An August 2016 Nielsen report states that at nearly 57 million strong, Hispanics represent almost 18% of the U.S. population. What’s more, this demographic is expected to account for 24% of the population by 2040 and 29% by 2060.

A study by Acosta Sales & Marketing and Univision Communications, also from August 2016, reveals that U.S. Hispanics are spending more on consumer packaged goods.

Brands are Working with Micro–Influencers

Of course, brands and agencies are taking notice, but the age of information has also ushered in an era of hyper-connectivity, co-creation, and cynicism on the part of the tech-savvy consumer. With that in mind, many forward-thinking companies are turning to an approach that is coming of age and is becoming a must-have …

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Bilingual Account Manager

Bilingual Account Manager Job Description:

Nativa is a nationally renowned multicultural marketing agency looking for a passionate Bilingual Account Manager with expertise in Marketing/Advertising who will partner with our clients and ensure their long-term success. The Account Manager’s primary role is to manage a portfolio of high-profile clients. Secondarily, they will be expected to develop new business from existing clients and actively seek new opportunities. Account management responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers and connecting with key business executives and stakeholders. Accounts managers will liaise between clients and cross-functional internal teams, ensure the successful delivery of our solutions per client needs and improve the entire client experience. Our ideal candidate can predict client needs and exceed client expectations.

This position allows professionals an opportunity to earn a significant income, which includes a competitive base salary as well as commission opportunities. As Nativa is a marketing agency that helps brands and government agencies communicate with the Hispanic community, we do primarily look for professionals with an understanding of the Spanish language or Hispanic culture that possess a great drive to succeed as well as the passion to love what they do.

bilingual account manager phoenix


  • Operate as the lead point of contact for
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8 Insights about Hispanic Millennials – Mobile Usage, #7


MobileSmartphones are a particularly beloved device among all Hispanics, and Millennials are no exception. Nearly three-fourths of Hispanic Millennials report owning a smartphone, compared with just 34% of the older generation. Why is this? you may wonder. Consider that Hispanic Millennials mobile usage is often impacted by the likelihood that they may live in multigenerational households with more people in them, where in these cases mobile devices offer special benefits: including privacy and freedom.

Some recently published facts from the 2014 Nielsen Digital Consumer Report include that mobile data usage is 16% higher among Hispanics compared with non-Hispanics. Hispanics are twice as likely to upgrade their tablets as their peers, and nearly half (49%) of all Hispanic respondents planned to upgrade their smartphones within the next 6 months.

Want the full report with all 8 insights? Get it emailed to you by requesting it below.

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References: (#

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8 Things You Should Know about U.S. Hispanic Millennials, #1 – Language

Language Pic.If you are a professional working in the Advertising or Marketing industries, it is very likely that you have spent considerable time thinking about the most effective way to reach and attract today’s Millennials and more specifically, U.S. Hispanic Millennials.
At Nativa we set out to provide you with 8 insights regarding Hispanic Millennials that can help you not only to understand this evolving market, but also to assist you in the creation of meaningful strategies to effectively reach this important market.
Hispanic Millennials are the second-largest group of Spanish-speaking Americans, and represent 17% of total U.S. Millennials. The median age of U.S.Hispanics is 27 (meaning the average Hispanic is a millennial) compared to 37 for the general market, a full 10 years older. The realization about how Hispanic Millennials are different than their mainstream counterparts in their consumption behavior and even from elder Hispanic generations has become an important lesson for anyone working in the advertising/marketing industry.

So let’s take a look at some of the main traits of the new U.S. Hispanic Millennials, shall we?

1. Language:
According to Hispanic marketing expert Mike Valdes Fauli, “Hispanic millennials are not acculturating; they’re shaping the broader culture. They’re

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Why a Hispanic Marketing Agency in Ohio?

An Argentine in Ohio

As you may know, people in the Hispanic marketing industry are always on the go. Almost every week I am flying out to client meetings, conferences and events across the United States. I find it very interesting when people ask me why I, an Argentinean from birth, decided to move to Ohio and start my own Hispanic marketing agency here instead of Miami or Los Angeles. They certainly give very little credit to Ohio and the great opportunities that it offers to Hispanics and their businesses. That is why today I would like to share with you some of the reasons why I believe Ohio matters to the Hispanic marketing industry.


Hispanic Influence in Ohio

Ohio is a very diverse state.  According to the 2006 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, Ohio’s Hispanic population grew by 22.4 percent since 2000 and more than doubled since 1980. African Americans now represent 12.9 percent of the population, and several other minorities have made Ohio their preferred location to live. Hispanics however, are the fastest growing minority group in the state.

Ohio is also home to major corporations such as Wendy’s, Macy’s, The Limited Brands, Battelle, Kroger …

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