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AMA Phoenix Presentation – Phoenix Marketing Minds Unite to Talk Marketing Measurement

Quality over Quantity

Overall the attendance for the October 9th AMA Phoenix Hispanic marketing event was not as high as I had hoped.  However, the good thing was that the roughly 20-25 people that came were very influential Phoenix marketing minds that are highly regarded here in the valley.  Ironically, the fact that there were fewer marketers in attendance, but those that were there came from high levels of great agencies, went with one of the slides for my presentation about marketing measurement in that quality is often more important than quantity. During the presentation as well as afterwards I had several great conversations with Phoenix agency leaders at Defero, Lane Terralever, and New Angle Media. I was satisfied that the content that I had put my effort into was able to reach such a high level audience and am happy that the AMA Phoenix was thoughtful enough to put this event together.

The Presentation

Below is the full Prezi that was presented at the session on October 9th. Feel free to share the presentation which you can find below and you can connect with me on LinkedIn here:

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Hispanic Marketers Perspective: 2014 National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media

Natasha Pongonis presenting at the 8th annual CDC National Conference on Health Communication.

My First CDC Conference

Last week I attended the 8th annual CDC National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media. I was invited to represent Nativa about our work engaging influential Latina mommy bloggers about the importance of flu vaccination.  Specifically I was to discuss Nativa’s work in partnership with the HMA agency during the annual National Immunization Week (NIVW).

This year’s main topic for the CDC health communication conference was storytelling; how to create and deliver compelling stories while educating and informing the audience about Health topics and changing behavior. This particular theme, is perfectly aligned with our Latino blogger outreach strategy where each blogger is encouraged to tell a personal story related to the importance of flu immunization.

Natasha Pongonis, a featured guest on one of the CDC health panels.

Nativa Marketers Are No Rookies

Each year, the Nativa team attends several marketing/communications conferences and summits nationwide. This was my first experience at a conference organized by the CDC and I look forward to attending again next year!  Here, I had the opportunity to speak and exchange insights with government professionals that live and …

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Using Google+ Hangouts to Connect our 3 National Offices

The Annual Digital Retreat

This story is about a meeting, but not just any typical meeting. Three teams met for the first time, “face to face,” across three states a cumulative 3,000 miles apart.

While Columbus, OH is our largest office, we have a number of employees in both our Phoenix and Miami offices that made it appropriate for us to see each other, albeit virtually, during the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish our first annual retreat for all employees of DK Web Consulting and Social Media Spanish.  It was a Saturday morning in early January where team members from all three offices got together via Google+ Hangouts to get to know each other on a more personal level, brainstorm ideas and discuss where the team is headed for 2013 and beyond.

Members of the Miami team gathered for the annual meeting

Members of the Miami team gathered for the annual digital retreat.

So why Google+ Hangouts?

The choice of Google+ Hangouts is an interesting topic as we habitually use Skype each and every day for our internal communications.  We have also recently begun to use for many internal meetings but for this retreat we felt we needed more of a personal experience; we

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Hispanicize 2012 Wrapup – DK’s Thoughts on a Grand Latino Leadership Conference

The DK leadership team, Natasha Pongonis and I, just got back from Hispanicize 2012 and really were amazed by the overall experience.  Here we want to share a few thoughts from our team that other marketers and bloggers may consider for their future conference decisions.  To view all photos from the Hispanicize conference check out our DK Facebook page.

Eric and Natasha arriving to the Hispanicize Conference

Eric and Natasha arriving to the Hispanicize Conference


Bloggers in Force!

There were many, many Latina bloggers at the conference.  This is great as we work with many bloggers on brand messaging, so to have a chance to meet and socialize with them is really a great opportunity.  Some of our favorites were there including Jeannette Kaplun of Todobebe, Romina Tibytt of Mama XXI, and Alexandra Morbitzer of Fit Latina.  It was also great to spend some time with some of the amazing cause bloggers such as Laurita Tellado of Holdin’ out for a Hero, fashion bloggers including Mercedes Sanchez of Be Chic Magazine, and food bloggers like Nicole Presley of Presleys Pantry.  If you want to laugh and learn more about Latina food bloggers watch the video below from Nicole.


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Webinar: How & When to Partner with a Hispanic Marketing Firm

The Hispanic Social Media Webinar series continues July 14 (2 to 3 p.m. ET) with a free national webinar titled “How & When to Partner with a Hispanic Marketing Firm”

Sponsored by Social Media Spanish and Fahlgren Mortine

Reserve your Webinar seat here!

Do you know where to start if you don’t have anyone on your team who understands this important demographic?

Jumping into the world of social media can be daunting enough – add another language and culture into the mix, and things can get muy difícil (very difficult!) pretty fast.

It’s time to learn more about the fascinating world of reaching empowered, influential Hispanics online through social media – and determine how and when to find the right Hispanic Marketing Firm to partner with to help you bridge cultural and language differences.

Among the hot topics that will be discussed are:

  • When to partner with a firm vs. doing it yourself
  • Which social networks are best for reaching Hispanics
  • How to address language and cultural concerns
  • The importance of social monitoring both in English and Spanish
  • Other Spanish social media tips and resources

Confirmed speakers for this in-depth webinar are:

Eric Diaz, PrincipalDK Web

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Download these April Presentations on Online Hispanic Marketing

The team at DK was busy this month and had several presentations that you may now download here.

Check out the case study on Government Marketing to Hispanics that DK presented with their client, the Centers for Disease Control. This was part of the
“Taking Health Information to the Hispanic Audience” session at the Hispanicize Conference in Los Angeles April 6-8.

Description: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading U.S. Public Health Agency describes their efforts to use social media as the hub of information and conversation for the Hispanic community on health, safety & protection. You will learn how the CDC proactively engages their audience through Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. Providing an open channel of communication with Hispanics, where they can interact, be informed, ask questions and receive information on credible and reliable health information.

Click to Download the Government Hispanic Marketing Presentation


Additionally here is the presentation given by Natasha Pongonis to the American Marketing Association, International SIG group of Columbus,OH.

Description:The session focused on the many ways that Hispanics are heavier users of social media than the population as a whole in the US, how smart brands are

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How Government and Non-Profits are using Hispanic Social Media.

The Hispanic Social Media Insights Webinars series continues March 23 (1 to 2 p.m. ET) with a free national webinar titled “How Government and Non-Profits are using Hispanic Social Media.”  Case Studies to include The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as NacerSano of the March of Dimes.

Register Here!

Sponsored by Social Media Spanish, the national webinar series was created by the Hispanic PR Blog.

Among the hot topics that will be discussed are:
• What are some of the current best practices being used by government agencies and nonprofits to engage specific segments of the online Hispanic audience by delivering unique, targeted content to attract, engage, and create community.
• What are the key differences in running a campaign for government or a non-profit versus for a corporation?
• Case Studies including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as NacerSano of the March of Dimes which illustrate how several government agencies and nonprofits are using the web and social media to actively engage Latinos online.
• How social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter meet the unique communication needs of government agencies and nonprofits.

Confirmed speakers for

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Why Marketing to Hispanics Works Presentation Download

17% of the U.S. population is Hispanic, and, by 2013, the purchasing power of this group will exceed $1.3 trillion. At the same time, Hispanics are very active online, including the use of social media to make purchasing decisions. Click above to download the presentation by Eric Diaz and Natasha Pongonis from Social Media Spanish on “Why Marketing to Hispanics Using Social Media Works” from their presentation at the Web AnalyticsWednesday on November 17, 2010.

Click to Download the presentation

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Why Marketing to Hispanics using Social Media Works

Check out this quick presentation which covers:

  • Why is the Hispanic market important?
  • Do Hispanics use Social Media?
  • Why is Social Media an attractive way to target Hispanics?
  • Benefits of Marketing to Hispanics using Social Media
  • How businesses will engage the Hispanic market?
  • What is Social Media Spanish?



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