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Q&A: With PEW Research Center’s Director of Hispanic Research – Part II

During my one-on-one interview with Mark Hugo Lopez, we discussed a variety of topics regarding Hispanics in America, education, politics and current trends that are shaping America from a demographic to a social standpoint.

This blog is a continuation of my one-on-one interview with Mark Hugo Lopez, Director of Hispanic research at the Pew Research Center.

Pew Research Center


Natasha (Nativa): Are age or geographic location influential factors in social trends? And, is there any correlation among these?

Mr. Lopez: In terms of geography, the Hispanic population in the United States has become much more dispersed. Some of the fastest growing places are actually in the Southeast. Georgia, for example, is the 10th largest Hispanic state by population. Now what’s surprising is that it’s just behind New Mexico, one of the older well established Hispanic states. In fact, it’s the only other state besides California where Hispanics are the single largest racial or ethnic group. Georgia’s story really is a reflection of where there’s been a lot of growth in the Hispanic population. Atlanta is one of the fast growing Latino populations, as are some of the rural parts of Georgia. It’s not just limited to Georgia, the same thing is happening

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Meet Arizona Senator Jerry Lewis, Supported by East Valley Hispanics

Visit to Senator Lewis’s Mesa Office

When I first walked into the office of State Senator Jerry Lewis, I did not know what to expect.  I had read and heard much about the candidate that defied the odds to beat and oust Russell Pearce in Arizona’s former Legislative District 18 (Lewis resides in the newly formed District 26 serving Mesa and Tempe) recall election last fall [1], but I did not know what I would discover about him on a personal level.

The man Senator Lewis defeated is infamous as being the Senator to sponsor the nationally criticized SB 1070, anti immigration policy that requires state law officials to verify an individual’s immigration status during a lawful stop.  Surely, a man who had the bravery and effectiveness to stand up to one of Arizona’s legal bullies would hold office in an exquisite locale.  I thought perhaps there would be a grand entrance to his corner office with a picturesque view of the valley.  There would likely be staffers writing down every word spoken between us I thought as reasonable as well.  When I walked in his quiet, windowless office I realized none of this was the case.  And as we …

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