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When Less is More: Latina Micro-Influencers Pave the Way – Interview with Tyannah Vasquez

The Smile – Meeting Tyannah

As I’ve learned in the advertising business, you can tell a lot from a smile. When I first came across Tyannah’s friendly expression; I knew she was a perfect match for my client’s campaign.

While working on one our agency’s CPG client’s accounts, on a task that admittedly can be a tad laborious, it is the rare persona whom I encounter who makes an impression on me right off the bat. It’s nothing personal; just that on an average day I may review hundreds (if not thousands) of individuals to find just the right person to work with our cherished, globally-renowned brands.

Upon successfully contacting the owner of that grin, Tyannah, and several pleasant exchanges, my agency (Nativa) gladly agreed to send her a few of our brand’s newest products for her to try on her brilliantly curly, long hair. Within a week we were pleased to see that she had created an experience video using our client’s curling mouse and styling putty on her Instagram page. ‘How nice!’ I thought, as I was accustomed to seeing our fans sharing our product, and at times getting several hundred Likes on these posts. Our team

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Influencers’ Perspective: How to Pitch to Latina Bloggers?

crafty-chicaA few weeks ago the Nativa team had the pleasure of hosting and interviewing Kathy Cano-Murillo, also known as The Crafty Chica as well as her daughter Maya Murillo from Maya in the Moment about how to approach a blogger/influencer for a campaign. We wanted to know from their perspective the best ways to successfully approach an influencer. We asked a series of questions regarding this topic and the successful mother-daughter pair had many significant insights to share regarding the approach, type of audience, brands, and experiences.

Why should a Brand Campaign Consider working with a Latina Influencer?

We started off by asking the pair from their experience as brand owners and creators, why do they consider there to be value and importance in Latina voices in the blogging world? Kathy responded that the value comes from being able to reach a Hispanic target market without having to rely on tactics that were used decades ago such as relying on buying Spanish language ads that may or may not come off as stereotypical. She told us that by infusing the Latino culture organically, a campaign comes off as more natural. Maya added that for many younger Hispanic influencers today …

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8 Things to Know: Hispanic Millennial Brands and their Preferences


BrandsHispanics have traditionally been classified as a brand loyal group. Conventional wisdom stated that if you can win the Hispanic consumer at a young age, you would have him/her for life. This has changed slightly over the years, and it is thought now that Hispanic Millennials can be placed as slightly less brand loyal than their parents’ generation, but higher in brand loyalty than their non-Hispanic Millennial peers. Nancy Tellet from Viacom’s Tr3s Digital stated recently: “They tend to under-index in sole brand usage in comparison to the slightly older foreign-born in the food and cleaning categories. But on the other hand, they have low usage of generic brands,” she explained. “They still want brand names, so they look for the best deal within a set of brands that they like.”

It is often mentioned that Hispanic Millennials can be a complex group to follow and understand. Hispanic Millennial brands and their preferences stand testament to this fact.

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8 Facts to know about Hispanic Millennials, #5 Spending



SpendingIn an interesting study from BIA/Kelsey, it was found that nearly 18% of Hispanics surveyed said they use YouTube for local shopping, compared to roughly 10% of their non-Hispanic peers.  When considering the use of digital coupons, 84% of U.S. Hispanic consumers reported they performed online search for a coupon based on a peer recommendation, which compares favorably to only 71% of all U.S. consumers, which was an insight discovered from a U.S. consumer survey from Valassis. Further in that same report, 70% of U.S. Hispanics reported that they have used digital coupons found through social media, compared to only 54% of all consumers surveyed.  Finally, 61% of Hispanics stated having shared coupons via social media, compared to only 40% of all consumers.

In a 2013 study from Experian Marketing Services, it was reported that Hispanics are more likely to shop via the internet than the general market consumer. Overall, Hispanics’ share of online visits to the top 500 retail websites was over 20% higher than the general market.

Hispanic Millennials over-index in interacting with actors, artists and brands on social media channels. Therefore, brands should consider relationships with influencers as they are very important to this market …

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8 Facts to know about Hispanic Millennials, #4 Hispanic Culture



CultureHispanic Millennials want to stand out and be recognized as Latino and close to 70%, regardless of language, are focused on Hispanic culture and reward brands that acknowledge their culture.  Consider a recent Millennial marketing campaign in which Coca-Cola which created personalized cans in the summer of 2014 with common (and some uncommon) first names displayed right on the can.  In highly Hispanic areas of the country, consumers were pleased to find common names such as Alejandro, Marisol, Rodolfo, etc on these same cans.  This was a subtle cue to the Hispanic Millennial consumer that Coca-Cola is thinking about them too.

Also, consider the highly praised campaign from Toyota in which they allowed Latinos to request free bumper stickers that had inspiring messages such as ‘Somos Muchos Boriquas’ (Trans: ‘We are many Puerto Ricans’) as part of their Somos Toyota campaign. English speaking Hispanics ordered and proudly displayed these stickers as they are proud of their heritage, and this sticker allowed them to show this even if their preferred language was not Spanish.

As renowned Hispanic marketer Joe Ray states, “Think Bicultural, not bilingual.”



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8 Facts you should know about Hispanic Millennials, #3 Education


Education 1

Hispanic Millennials continue to pursue higher education at significant rates.

It is inspiring to see that in 2012, nearly 50% (49%) of Hispanic recent high school graduates were enrolled in college, compared with 47% of non-Hispanic whites. This differs greatly from just two decades ago in 1995, when just 35% of recently graduated Hispanics enrolled in college compared with 44% of their white student peers.

More recently, in April 2014 a study from Hispanic Market research firm ThinkNow and Sensis Agency discovered that 84% of respondents who recently obtained a college degree also were planning to pursue a graduate degree. This compares very favorably as only 57% of non-Hispanic Millennial college graduates were found to have the same next step in mind.

This data shows very strongly the importance of education to the Hispanic Millennial and how this has evolved over time.


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