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Leading the Majors: The Man behind the D-backs Hispanic Sports Marketing Initiative

I combed the mid-town Phoenix coffee shop, looking for a familiar face amidst the well-caffeinated clientele. I finally recognized the satisfied smile from the face behind one of the most influential Hispanic social media presences in baseball; Jerry Romo. 

jerry romoAs the 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) wrapped up this October 15th, it was a great time for our sister company OYE! to research how baseball teams and the MLB itself drove conversation celebrating Hispanic contributions to the sport. OYE!’s research on Hispanic conversation during the 30 days of HHM for all major league teams that have a Spanish language social media account discusses the findings among the thousands of mentions about kick off events, Latin music performances, fiestas, and special events to reach the Hispanic community. Of all teams analyzed, OYE! found that the Arizona Diamondbacks had the highest amount of mentions, driving 23% of the overall Hispanic MLB conversation.

Wanting to know more, I asked for Mr. Jerry Romo to meet with me and discuss the Diamondbacks overall Hispanic sports marketing strategy. As he explained that morning, the Hispanic effort from the Phoenix area ball club is both original and robust. 

The Diamondbacks Focus on the Hispanic Market

Romo’s …

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8 Insights to know about hispanic millennials, #8 Advertising


AdvertisingUS Hispanic Millennials over-index in being receptive to advertisements and offers from brands about their products and services. Experian Marketing Services in 2013 discovered that 19% of Hispanics aged 18 to 34 are interested in receiving advertisements on their mobile devices, compared to only 9% of non-Hispanics of the same age group.  In fact 23% of Hispanic Millennials confirmed they would be likely to follow up and complete a purchase of products they had seen advertised on their mobile devices.  This can be compared with just 14% of non-Hispanics who reported the same.

Additionally, in 2013 Hispanic market research firm ThinkNow found that 77% of Hispanic Millennials confirmed that advertising received on their mobile phones provided information useful to them about new products and services they would consider for purchase.


There you have it. So whether you are actively pursuing the Hispanic Millennial market or simply care to know more about this group we sure hope that you enjoy this Hispanic mobile advertising report. Please take a moment to share with us via social media or our contact form about what your brand is doing to connect with this ever-evolving, and always interesting group!

Want the full report

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A World Cup Party to Remember

On Tuesday the 17th, the Nativa staff decided to do something we dont do near enough.  Have some fun!  We invited 50 of our favorite partners, clients, and generally delightful people to join us for the high profile Brazil-Mexico FIFA World Cup soccer game.  We decided to host the event at the Arcadia Tavern, conveniently located halfway between Phoenix and Scottsdale, making it easy for people in both cities to attend in less than a 15 minute drive.

The invitation for the World Cup Event on June 17th

The invitation for the World Cup Event on June 17th was quite popular and had to be shut down a few days prior to the match!

Maria from Nativa set the tone early by showing off her colors (tricolors to be exact) early on in the morning.  While most people attending wore their business casual gear (it was a workday at noon after all) there were a few others in Mexico gear and even one brave soul in Brazil garb!

The Nativa Hispanic soccer marketing table was packed.  This was not a surprise as our partner Jaime Talamante from New York Life helped promote the event and together we found that getting Hispanics to watch soccer is about as difficult as it …

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Hispanic NBA Players a Hit with Latino Fans

Top Hispanic NBA Players Rake in Conversations Between Seasons

Who knew Hispanic basketball players were still a major topic of conversation in the off-season? It seems that even when they’re not on the court, NBA players such as the Gasol brothers and Carmelo Anthony are still filling up Twitter streams generating Likes and trending in the blogosphere. Recently, our Social Media Spanish team endeavored to explore the trend by analyzing online conversations about the 23 currently active, NBA players who are from Spain, Latin America or are US born Latinos.1 The analysis took place during a 30 day stretch of the off-season this summer. Using advanced online listening software, we were able to source conversations to determine which players generated the most buzz and what got users talking on the whole.  This blog presents a sample of the data and the whole complementary report can be requested following the instructions below.

Top 7 Hispanic NBA Players by Volume of Online Mentions

Top 7 Hispanic NBA Players by Volume of Online Mentions

The Big Three of Hispanic Conversation

The Hispanic players that generated the most conversations were Pau Gasol (56%), Carmelo Anthony (19%), and Marc Gasol (5%) respectively.  Combined these three represented 80% of the overall conversation about Hispanic players.  …

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Switching Gears: NASCAR Welcomes the Hispanic Audience

A casual conversation at Hispanicize

While taking a much needed pit stop during April’s Hispanicize conference in Miami, my business partner Natasha Pongonis and I happened to bump into a representative from the NASCAR Multicultural Development team.  As we chit chatted, we realized how interesting NASCAR’s multicultural strategies and plan were and decided to write a blog to share the NASCAR story with our readers.

Here at DK Web Consulting and Social Media Spanish, we love sports. We especially love sports brands who understand how important it is to reach out to Hispanics in the US and abroad. In the past year, we have had the opportunity of bringing you stories about Major League Soccer (MLS) the NBA the NFL and, today, we are bringing you the unique world of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

Racing has been a big part of Latin culture for as long as it has been a sport, but in America, the Mecca of car racing, NASCAR, is doing everything in its power to reach out to Hispanic audiences.  NACAR is even “opening its doors” to drivers, crew members and owners of Hispanic background to attract more interest …

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Non-Profit Lifeline of Ohio Launches Hispanic Campaign, partners with MLS Team

The Knee Injury

When Venezuelan midfielder Bernardo Añor of the Columbus Crew attributes his success on the field to his fans, take his word for it. Añor says his dream to play soccer professionally was made possible by his tissue donor.

Just a few years ago, Añor was kicked from behind during play and suffered a torn ligament requiring a tissue transplant to repair his knee.  With the support of his family and friends, Añor underwent the successful procedure.  Thankfully, Añor is now back in the game, and able to pursue his dream as a soccer player better than ever.

Bernardo Añor signing a young heart recipient’s t-shirt

Bernardo Añor signing a young heart recipient’s t-shirt


Añor, along with four other Columbus Crew athletes, is joining forces with Lifeline of Ohio, an independent, non-profit organization that promotes and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation—for the second consecutive season – for their “Heroes On and Off the Field” (Héroes En y Fuera del Campo) campaign.

First Kick 2012

The goal of the Heroes On and Off the Field campaign is to raise awareness about tissue and organ donation, beginning with “First Kick 2012,” the Columbus Crew’s first home game taking place …

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Super Bowl XLVI Ads: Hispanics Are Talking

With 111.3 million average viewers, and 114 million tuning in just for Madonna’s halftime performance, Super Bowl XLVI made its mark in Super Tazón (Spanish word for Super Bowl) history, breaking the previous viewing record. This has presented the largest audience for what the Super Tazón has become known for and what we all look forward to: the commercials. From Chevrolet to Doritos, many big brands came with their best this season, but a ringing topic is – Did ad makers forget to include minority viewers?

Using the online listening power tool Radian6, we researched a quantity of over 60,000 online mentions1 of brands that advertised during the Super Bowl to find which ones resonated most with Hispanics.  We analyzed conversations by Spanish dominant and bilingual Hispanics using sophisticated search method techniques, facilitated by the software.  By doing this we were able to capture not only the pure Spanish conversation, but also the English speaking Hispanics whom are increasingly important to brands in the US’s evolving American culture.

So lets dig into the numbers…

¿Tienes Hambre?  – Food Brands mentioned by Hispanics

Doritos led the food conversation among Hispanics during the Super Bowl. Most of the …

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Listen like the NBA: ¡Con Emoción! (Part 1 of 2)


The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Hispanic platform, éne-bé-a, which we featured in a two-part series last season, is off to a fast start. With growth numbers almost unrealistic to any brand, the éne-bé-a’s key to their organic social media growth is being a great listener.

The éne-bé-a’s new “Emoción” campaign was born directly from listening to their fans, according to NBA Vice President of Multicultural Marketing Saskia Sorrosa. With this effort the NBA is taking their reach to Hispanic audiences to the next level.

Captivated by the emotion Latinos brings to the game, the éne-bé-a team, with the help of their Hispanic ad agency, Bromley Communications, is aggressively going after this audience. And they are very proud of the outcome from the “Emoción” campaign, in particular their TV and radio creative, which is an extension of their successful “Pobre Garganta” campaign from the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

“The campaign did well during the time it ran. Fans embraced it, and more importantly, identified with it,” Ms. Sorrosa said. “It highlighted the passion that Latinos bring to our game in a dramatic way and used a popular song by Coldplay that connected with both Hispanic and non-Hispanic fans to make …

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El Sporting KC: Focus on Social Media (Part 2 of 2)

Lo prometido es deuda (A Promise Delivered)

As we promised you, here is part two of Sporting KC’s Hispanic reach through sales, marketing and, as you will learn today, social media.

If you haven’t read the story “Prepárate: Marketing to Latinos Major League (Soccer) Style,” here’s the quick recap.

Many sports teams have been trying to reach Hispanic consumers and talk to them through sales teams, but not many were thinking about speaking with their audience. Sporting KC brings in the brilliant Latino Marketing Manager Sinhue Mendoza, who puts several marketing plans in place to connect with his Hispanic audience. With small budgets, and insights on Hispanics and social media use, he utilizes mostly social media to reach out and connect. He turns Sporting KC to one of the most successful teams reaching to Hispanics, as well as turning those potential fans into diehard fans, by leveraging local hero, #99 Omar Bravo.

Facebook El Sporting KC - Omar Bravo Latino of the Year

High engagement on a recent post from El Sporting KC about Omar Bravo being selected Latino of the Year

But what exactly is “successful?”

First, let’s look at the numbers as of date written on 12/10/2011 and note that all growth has been organic so far. Sporting …

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Prepárate: Marketing to Latinos Major League (Soccer) Style (Part 1 of 2)

Preparate - Hispanic Marketing MLS Style[Intro] Last month, we broke down all MLS teams and how they connect with the Hispanic audience. Some teams’ efforts were minimal, but those of other teams were highly effective. Leading the pack was Sporting KC.  After reading our post, Sinhue Mendoza, Latino Marketing Manager at Sporting Kansas City Soccer Club, reached out to us to share his thoughts. And, a simple call quickly turned into a highly insightful conversation.

Prepárate (Get ready!)

Fútbol is without doubt the world’s number one sport. But in Latin America, no one loves the sport more than Latinos. However, in the US, fútbol has not quite lifted the masses spirits like in the rest of the world.

Knowing that US Hispanics would be more prone to attend fútbol games because of their family traditions, teams focused on building sales teams to reach out to the Latino audience. What they did not do was build Hispanic marketing and communication teams to best reach these audiences, who in the long run could become brand ambassadors and diehard fans. And where there are diehard fans, there is high flying dinero. This is why marketing to Latinos can prove to be extremely beneficial.

But sports teams

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