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8 Insights to know about hispanic millennials, #8 Advertising


AdvertisingUS Hispanic Millennials over-index in being receptive to advertisements and offers from brands about their products and services. Experian Marketing Services in 2013 discovered that 19% of Hispanics aged 18 to 34 are interested in receiving advertisements on their mobile devices, compared to only 9% of non-Hispanics of the same age group.  In fact 23% of Hispanic Millennials confirmed they would be likely to follow up and complete a purchase of products they had seen advertised on their mobile devices.  This can be compared with just 14% of non-Hispanics who reported the same.

Additionally, in 2013 Hispanic market research firm ThinkNow found that 77% of Hispanic Millennials confirmed that advertising received on their mobile phones provided information useful to them about new products and services they would consider for purchase.


There you have it. So whether you are actively pursuing the Hispanic Millennial market or simply care to know more about this group we sure hope that you enjoy this Hispanic mobile advertising report. Please take a moment to share with us via social media or our contact form about what your brand is doing to connect with this ever-evolving, and always interesting group!

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8 Insights about Hispanic Millennials – Mobile Usage, #7


MobileSmartphones are a particularly beloved device among all Hispanics, and Millennials are no exception. Nearly three-fourths of Hispanic Millennials report owning a smartphone, compared with just 34% of the older generation. Why is this? you may wonder. Consider that Hispanic Millennials mobile usage is often impacted by the likelihood that they may live in multigenerational households with more people in them, where in these cases mobile devices offer special benefits: including privacy and freedom.

Some recently published facts from the 2014 Nielsen Digital Consumer Report include that mobile data usage is 16% higher among Hispanics compared with non-Hispanics. Hispanics are twice as likely to upgrade their tablets as their peers, and nearly half (49%) of all Hispanic respondents planned to upgrade their smartphones within the next 6 months.

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8 Things to Know About U.S. Hispanic Millennials, #2 Social Media

Social Media:

SocialMediaThe evidence keeps piling up, as more studies confirm that Hispanic Millennials lead the general population in social media usage.

In 2012 the Pew Research Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center, shows that 84% of Hispanic internet users between ages 18 and 29 are users of Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site.

Specifically to the Millennial age range (18-34), Hispanics over-index in their usage of social media.  86% of U.S. Hispanic Millennials use social media, compared to only 47% for their non-Millennial Hispanic elders, and the younger group is also more likely to follow a brand on social media.

A recent study, commissioned by Unilever with its media planning agency Mindshare and performed by social media tool ShareThis, concluded that Hispanic consumers are twice as likely to share content or click on shared content than the general population.  They found that content shared by Hispanic consumers is 35% more likely to be clicked on than content shared by the non-Hispanic population. It was also discovered that Hispanic consumers are twice as likely to purchase the products they share about, compared to non-Hispanic consumers, who are only 1.3 times as likely to make a purchase …

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Case Study: CDC Social Media Outreach (Facebook en espanol)

The Nativa team was able to provide relevant Spanish language content to reach out to the Hispanic community and increase awareness of health issues as such as the flu as shown above.


The Nativa team was assigned with the task of creating a Spanish language Facebook (Facebook en español) and Twitter page for the Hispanic audience for the government entity Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of the CDC in this project was to increase online reach among Hispanics, foster engagement with this group, and to be known as a provider of credible, science-based health to all Hispanics in the US.





Through interactive quizzes on social media such as the “Health Super Stars” campaign shown above, the Nativa team helped the CDC increase online reach among Hispanics by fostering engagement with the Hispanic market.


We researched internally and worked closely with the CDC social media team to develop direct and clear messages in Spanish based on three pillars; health promotion, prevention, and safety. Our long term strategy included the development of a 12 month calendar of content for all Hispanic social media pages. This content calendar was largely supported by an …

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How To Use Facebook Tabs

What is a Facebook tab?

A Facebook tab is a separate page within your Facebook profile and is found just below the profile image of your Facebook fan page. Your profile already included two tabs, ‘About’ and ‘Photos’, when you created your Facebook fan page. So now that you know what they are, why would you ever want to use them?

Benefits of Facebook Tabs

eric diaz of social media spanish

Eric Diaz of Social Media Spanish
















In this podcast Eric Diaz explains how Facebook tabs can be used to help promote your business including running contests, offering content in another language, capturing leads, offering coupons, and much more. He talks about how to set up custom tabs, how to use them to promote your business, and how they can be used for your Hispanic audience.

For your company: Facebook tabs are an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your Facebook page, create buzz about your brand, and generate new leads that will eventually turn into sales.

For your fans: Facebook tabs are a fun way for fans to get engaged with their favorite brand, download a coupon, enter a contest …

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The Dangers of Using a General Market Agency When Targeting Hispanics – Part 2

Do you use Facebook to advertise or promote your business? Or, have you thought about using Facebook ads to reach more potential clients and grow your business?

When targeting Hispanics with Facebook ads there are some things you should know.

In this episode of the podcast I talk to Eric Diaz, co-founder of Nativa, about the potential dangers of using a general market agency when targeting Hispanics using Facebook ads. Eric talks about what mistakes he saw a general market agency, without the proper knowledge, make when targeting Hispanics and how that impacted their client’s image.

In the industry news segment of the show we talk about what Facebook hashtags could mean for businesses in the future.

Please leave a comment and let us know how Facebook ads have worked (or not worked) for your business.



Check out Options to Reach Hispanics With Facebook Ads to learn more about Facebook advertising.

If you want to hear a certain …

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The Dangers of Using a General Market Agency to Execute a Hispanic Campaign – Part 1

Targeting Hispanics With Facebook Advertisements

When it comes to marketing, not all target audiences are created equal. Ensuring that the message is properly tailored for each demographic is paramount to the success of a campaign. Marketers who instead choose to create a Hispanic campaign with a generalized focus will likely face consequences such as brand dilution, customer backlash and negative promotion. As a multicultural agency, our focus is on more specialized demographics, namely Hispanics. To that end, targeting multiple demographics the way one would a general market is an inherently flawed strategy, as the characteristics that make up one group do not necessarily translate to the next. For this reason, we endeavor to expose the pitfalls of hiring a general market agency to do the work best suited for an agency with experience reaching solely Hispanics.


Where a General Market Agency Went Wrong

Recently, the Spanish-language Facebook page of a consumer packaged good received serious backlash for an ad campaign created by its agency of, which poorly targeted the Hispanic market. That is to say, the campaign was not only aimed at Facebook users with Spanish-language profiles (users who set their profile preferences to Spanish) but also users with …

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Options to Reach Hispanics with Facebook Ads

The Dilemma with Facebook Ad Targeting

Crafting an effective Facebook advertising campaign is a key tool in helming a successful paid promotion. Beyond writing copy that’s succinct and persuasive and selecting images that convey your brand or organization, is determining who exactly to advertise to. For this, Facebook provides a search tool that will aggregate interests based on keywords to help generate target groups—a curated audience pool.

Advertising a Facebook page for a new car dealership? Why not create a target group that focuses on Facebook users interested in automotive brands? If the dealership is regional, you may want to filter your audience further by limiting the audience to the city and/or state in which it is located. Focusing on the product and potential consumers is a strategy that can be implemented when advertising consumer products, business, etc. The caveat to this form of straightforward, intuitive targeting is ethnicity.


Now, how do you target a population as diverse as they are large? Currently, the US Hispanic population is an estimated 52 million, 17% of the country’s total[1]. When targeting Hispanics a number of additional factors are at play, including language and demographics. To address this issue, we have tailored …

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How to Remove Your Image and Name from Facebook Ads

Recently I have seen more and more discussion about people feeling very uncomfortable with Facebook using their name and image on social ads.  I wrote about this last year on the dangers of showing up on Pepto Bismol’s next ad for a chimichanga antidote.

People online are becoming frustrated about having their names used in relation to individual posts, when they are a fan of only the page, and not that specific post.

To be clear, the reason Facebook uses these ads is because people are 25% more likely to click an ad when they see a friend associated with it and their purchase intent climbs by a whopping 300%.1

Well here is how you can prevent Facebook from using your personal information on these ads:

Option 1 (Easiest and Recommended)

A. Simply click here:

B. At the bottom you will see an option that says, “Pair my social actions with ads for”

The setting by default will be on “Only My Friends.”  Change this to “No One” and click Save.  

Facebook Remove Social Ads

The setting by default will be on “Only My Friends.” Change this to “No One” and click Save.


All done and your name nor image …

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